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Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank you from Katie Bell

Hello Friends, I never wanted to be a CrossFitter. Working out in public terrifies me. I am entirely self-conscious, and the whole gym environment makes me feel like I'm being watched; from the floor-to-ceiling length mirrors, to the positioning of the cardio equipment so that it overlooks the weight machines, to the music playlist reminiscent of a college dance club, to the dress-code (which, for women, seems to be "As Tiny as You Can Possibly Get Away With"), people are looking, and they're looking at me. I had no intention of exposing myself as the inept, uncoordinated, overweight, weak, sweaty little troll that I am, and was quite happy doing my home work out videos in order to avoid that. Even when a friend who's professionalism, work-ethic and fitness I respect to the utmost suggested that CrossFit 540 would be a good fit for me, I refused. He talked about hand-stand push-ups, and rattled off womens' names in connection to pull-ups (Fran, Angie, Cindy). Finally, we made an unrelated bet, his prize being that I would come to CrossFit with him one afternoon. That is the only time gambling has ever paid off for me. I lost that bet, and CrossFit 540 has been a consequential part of my life since my very first visit. As we all know, the box is not a typical gym, and the WODs are not typical workouts. The challenge, competition and severity, and the results I began seeing in my body and mindset almost immediately appealed to me. CrossFitters don't stand around and look at each other or fix their hair and make-up between sets on the weight machines. We push, pull and run as fast and as hard as we can. We get sweaty, and cover ourselves in chalk, and roll around on the ground. Sometimes, we bleed. And until my injury, I had no idea that a personal commitment I had made to a fitness program was also made to me in return. Anytime a group of people shares the amount of time together that the members of our box do, relationships will form. But friends, the support and love that you have shown me since my accident far exceeds the bounds of "friendship" that develop in everyday passing. I started getting calls and texts immediately after I left the box-off to see how I was doing, and at least one member (or owner) of CrossFit 540 has called to check on me everyday since. I am greeted at every WOD since I've been back with words of concern and encouragement, sometimes even by your children. I am given special attention while working out to make sure that I am physically okay with the activity. Several of you have offered professional services to help with treatment or with dealing with the hospital. Friends, you participated in an event that raised money for well over half of my medical expenses. There are not sufficient words to express the amount of gratitude I have for you and the outpouring of compassion and generosity that you have made. CrossFit is so much more than an increase in the amount of weight I can dead-lift, an improved 400 time, or a banged-up head. Through this experience, I have realized that CrossFit 540 really is a family, made up of individuals that have proven that they are committed to health and well-being, specifically, my own. I feel proud and privileged to be a part of such a compassionate community. I stand firm in my promise to extend that same dedication and compassion to you. Thank you for your friendship, your time, your love, and your support. Sincerely, Katie Bell

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