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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

News and Updates

Hey guys! Just wanted to give a couple of reminders as we are rounding out the new year Session start times The first 15 minutes of session will always be to 'show up and warm up'. So the 4.30 session wont start until about 4.45. Our main goal is to get you out of the gym by 5.30. Hopefully this will help clear up any confusion. Kiddos We love having kiddos at the gym! But please be mindful of the rules posted by the kids room. These have been posted for the childeren's saftey as well as the convenience of the other members. It can be nerve racking swinging a kettlebell around and dodging little bodies. The rules are posted, but just a couple of reminders... Please keep kiddos off the.... pullup bars and bands boxes ( swinging off on rings) tires behind the first speaker line during warm ups and work outs Thanks guys!!!!!

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