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Monday, November 12, 2012

on a side note....

This was a letter that Brad P sent over to me and I thought that I would share...(without his permission....sorry!)  What is listed below is why I love seeing you all every day.  It makes what I do exciting and rewarding...  And by the way, I prompted this with Brad by asking him what his numbers have jumped to since I knew that his gains had been phenomenal.  He is def NOT a self promoter.

In light of this past weekend’s events, I thought it would be good to finish this letter and send it to you.  First, participating in HOA 4 was incredible.  I appreciate more than trophies and podium finishes the resilience and courage that every one of the 540 athletes showed during each workout.  The fight, the pain, and the triumph is what attracted me to Crossfit.   Community is what we have, and wouldn’t exist without the attitudes and mentality each one of the athlete’s possess.  The passion and mental toughness from the individuals in our box continues to inspire me to be better both in life and in crossfit.
I wanted to share a couple of accomplishments, mentally, physically and in crossfit, I have achieved.  I am ordinarily not a self-promoter but believe this is just as much an accomplishment for you, the 540 coaches, and everyone in the 540 family.  When I began crossfit, March, 2012, I was a heavy smoker, weighed 190 lbs., ate fast food at least 4 times a week, and for the most part did not enjoy living in Arkansas.  I joined 540 to change my life, and the results for me are nearly indescribable.  In 8 months, I now weigh 176 lbs., eat a very healthy paleo diet (still working on getting it perfect), I HAVE QUIT SMOKING, and I feel genuinely excited about the community I live in.  Crossfit possess some of the most wonderful and inspiring people I have ever met, and I am happy I have been given a chance to be a part of it.
A couple of training accomplishments are good to use and compare as you will see below.  This is a testament to the hard work you put in to making sure all of us are reaching our potential.  I don’t plan on slowing down, or leveling off.  I strive for new PR’s every day, and I know with your coaching and prescribed regiment, it will get me to reach new levels of fitness and success that I never thought possible.
March 2012
November 2012
Fastest Mile Time:  9:48
Fastest Mile Time:  6:35
Deadlift Max: 275 lbs.
Deadlift Max: 405 lbs.
3 rep Deadlift Max: 385 lbs.
Split Snatch Max: 115 lbs.
Split Snatch Max: 185 lbs.
Power Clean Max: 155 lbs.
Power Clean Max: 245 lbs.
2 rep Power Clean Max: 225 lbs.
Box Squat Max: 215 lbs.
Box Squat Max: 315 lbs.
Back Squat Max: 225 lbs.
Back Squat Max: 320 lbs.
Jerk Max: 135 lbs.
Jerk Max: 225 lbs.
Front Squat Max:  155 lbs.
Front Squat Max: 255 lbs.
2 rep Front Squat Max: 235 lbs.
Hanging Power Clean Max: 165 lbs.
Hanging Power Clean Max: 235 lbs.
2 rep Hanging Power Clean Max: 205 lbs.
3 rep Hanging Power Clean Max: 185 lbs.
Thruster Max: 205 lbs.
Overhead Squat: 115 lbs.
Overhead Squat: 185 lbs.

Not sure how to see gymnastics comparisons, but I can say since day one, I could not do a toes to bar, HSPU, or climb a rope.  I could not do a ring or bar muscle up, and anyone who saw me do the thruster and frog jump WOD in the summer of 2011 can testify to how awful my endurance was.  I’m sure you can remember back a couple months ago that it was impossible for me to do a double under, but I am getting better every day.  I now can string 35 pull ups together, 7 unbroken ring MU’s, and climbed a rope multiple times in front of 500 people Saturday night.  I have maxed 22 HSPU’s unbroken and are proficient at toes to bar.  These are a few accomplishments in the box for me.  Crossfit has changed my life, physically and mentally.  Some days I leave disappointed and discouraged, wishing I was better.  However, it is good to take a step back and see how far you have come, and the people that have pushed you to get there.  I have great confidence that you, and the 540 family will continue to help push me to get these max’s and challenges even higher.  Thank you, sincerely, for helping me be a better person.


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