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Sunday, August 11, 2013

HOA Tryouts

The Heart of America Challenge is coming this November in Springfield MO.  Its a HUGE 6 person team comp.  Some of you made it out to Regionals in Chicago this year to cheer our team on.... HOA is  as big as regionals, and almost pulls as much talent also.  Teams from as far as  Ohio and Nebraska bring their A teams and throw down.  Its awesome.

And... it gets better every year.  This year promises to be the biggest yet.  We have made this event a priority the past two years and will continue to do so, as it is not only an exceptionally ran and programmed event..... but also a GREAT measuring stick for the next years CrossFit Games Open and Regionals.

In order to put our best foot forward, we will be having tryouts next weekend.  The 23rd-25th.  ONE workout each of those days.  If you cannot make it for those days, then you can tryout this weekend as well.  Contact a trainer and work out the details.  If you cant make any or the days, please let us know and we will try and work something out with you.

We really hope everyone who is interested will try out.  HOA is a big deal and a great way to test our mettle against the best in the region.  If you are wanting to do HOA, please tryout and if not liking the layout of the teams, then look into creating your own teams.  But we really do want to make sure we are sending out our best teams possible.

Be looking for an HOA tryout sign up sheet at the gym, AND..... a Wod War 1 Judge and Volunteer sign up sheet also.  We will need a TON of help for WW1 and Im sure the 540 is up for it!

Thanks guys!!

Also!  We need judges for the tryouts also.... if you are interested in this, let a trainer know.

The 540
50 OH Lunges 45/25
40 Pullups
30 Thrusters
20 Burpees
10 Squat Cleans 135/95

This workout will be double weighted in the scoring system.
13 min cuttoff

The Skill Ladder
2 min MU/ pullups 1/10
rest 2
2 min Pistols/ Lunges 1/5
2 min HSPU / Feet on plate Pushups 1/5
2 min DU- no other option
2 min Bar MU / Ring Dips 1/10
2 min Rope Climbs/ no other option

Each event will be scored individually at a reduced rate and then the total skill ladder will be scored as well.  If you are unable to perform any of the movements or options, then you may take a 0 for that movement and move on to the next.  Scaling subject to change

Oly Complex
2 rep touch and go Clean- on second clean- jerk

1 Snatch- without dropping- 1 hanging snatch

add totals together

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