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Monday, May 24, 2010


5/25 Sessions at 5.15,6.15,7,11,12,4.30,5.30,6.30 Last done on 2/18 Angie 100 Pullups 100 Pushups 100 Situps 100 Squats Team, because of class sizes growing, we are no longer able to spend as much time explaining in detail complex moves such as the Power Clean and Push Jerk to newbies trying out the gym for the first time. Because of this, we have begun implementing a new policy. When you join the program you are required to meet for 2 private to semi private sessions to go over the basic moves of CrossFit to become more stable in your foundation. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU CAN NOT BRING A GUEST!!!! We will simply scale the wod down to a managable level, but, once and if, they decide to join, we would like to meet to master the basics. We really do feel as though this is paramount in our little gym continuing to grow and become better. These moves can be complicated, and the program is more effective and rewarding when a solid basic understanding is grasped. Also, if you are already a member and would like to participate as well, feel free. Just contact me. Thanks guys!!

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  1. Trever and Holland, I wanted to tell you that I think that your Crossfit540 gym has been such a positive and rewarding experience for me. Your dedication, encouragement, attention to details and personal attention to each of your members has made me believe that I can do the challenges that each workout calls for. It's like we are all on a team and wanting each of us to do our very best! Many of us our making friendships, encouraging each other, and looking forward to doing the next workout together. Crossfit540 is a very different kind of workout for me, very challenging, and can be intimadating. It pushes me to work my hardest and rewards me with great physical results. I love signing in, writing my name on the board, writing my time and weight, and beating my last workout. Seeing other people signing in and their scores encourages me to do be there and do my best too. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts towards making Crossfit540 such a rewarding workout experience!! Scheri