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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank you

(Above: just saw the SECOND rower that all of you gave)
Team.... Friends...Family. I know that may seem a little dramatic, but to me that's what it feels like. I started doing CF because it was something I was passionate about. Seemed like a good way to spend a work day.
But this.... gym... this program... has become something so much more. It has become our very own social network. no, a bonding network. The relationships that have been developed at 540 have been astounding. The bonds made. I guess when you hurt so badly with someone you just feel you have a kinship with them. But it really is more than just friends. Does it surprise me to see just how many people have become best buds at our gym? bet. But what really amazes me is how much you all CARE for the people you are working out with. Katie Bell was a great example. Last night was another.
Holland and I can not begin to explain just how last night made us feel. Amazed. Humbled. I'm sure more words could be thrown in. But that you guys would give so much of your selves for our little program! Truly unbelievable. You have your own lives, you have your own troubles and expenses, and yet you continue to make room for CF540. What is more is that you went above and beyond 'making room' and made us a priority. I stumbled over my words the other night when overwhelmed with your generosity, and I still am when I stop and think about the gratitude that I feel towards my very very special group.
Two Concept 2 Rowers....and a sign to boot! Unbelievable. Thanks again guys. Not just for the wonderful gift... not just for one of the best nights of my life.... but for being part of something that words have a hard time describing. All of you have made mine and Holland's lives something amazing. And I will do my best to keep making your lives as miserable;) as possible!
And a special thanks to Bryon Castelberry and Kate Jester for all the hard work putting last night together!

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