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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Upcoming events at 540!!!!

Hey team, June is going to be a busy month for us as we have a few different things we are going to try and make an event out of!

First up....

Helping out our own.  Sometime hard things happen.  That's where friends and family are able to step up and help each other out.

June 7th

Charity Wod for the Courtways

We will be doing a team wod that Saturday and the Courtways will be the guests of honor.   Jeff has been battling cancer and the we want to help them out in anyway we can.   Longtime 540'ers will know exactly who 'MamaBear' Brooks Anne is, as she is no stranger to the gym.  Brooks has been with us since the beginning of 540 and has always been part of our little family.  So come on out for a great workout and to support Brooks Anne and Jeff.  

We will have limited sessions this day and donations will be voluntary.

June 28th

Protein Pancake Supper!

After the Saturday sessions we will stick around and have a friendly Protein Pancake supper to nourish our broken bodies, socialize and help out Nathan Striegler.  Nathan recently tore his bicep at the gym and all the profits from the Pancake Supper will go to helping him out.   If you have not met him yet....(then you probably buy your supplements online:(...)  But Nathan works at the YTFS here in Fayetteville and consistently takes care of the CF'ers with all their needs.  He was a huge behind the scenes help in last years WOD Wars and will be again this year.

YTFS will be providing all the protein and we just happen to have a protein pancake recipe that may very well change how you view the world.  Seriously.... they are good.

He's really just hanging from the pullup bar.

July 12

Ok..... this is the one we have been getting a ton of questions about.  

.............the House Box Off......!!!!!!

We are going to try and keep this at a one day event, but may move it to a Sunday afternoon wod as well.  
Teams will be of 4 - Two Guys and Two Girls
Similar to WOD Wars and last years event, we will try and make this wod accessible to all levels of CF athletes.  With different levels of scaling all competing towards the same goal.  Exp: 7 Pullups for 1 Muscle up.  
Everyone is encouraged to attend
The wods and Sign ups will show up at both gyms shortly.

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