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Thursday, July 29, 2010


1) Drinks....... One of the things hopefully that you like about the gym is the relaxed drink charging system we have. (Basically...honor system) If you are dying of thirst and dont have a dollar, take a drink! I know your good for it. But as the heat has gotten stronger, the drinks go faster.... unfortunatly, the dollars are staying the same. Lets keep the honor system alive! 2) We will be trying out a slightly new format for our training. Everyone is familiar with the Rx'd and scaled format. Now we will be doing an 'A, B, C' format to many of our workouts. (maybe not all) This will allow for greater achievement in your progress. Sometimes there can be a big gap from barely scaling, to completly scaling.... but the 'S' on your time is the same. A, B, C, is designed to give you something closer to work for when Rx'd seems so far away. Hopefully this will help you monitor your progress a bit easier. 3) If you havnt seen Bryon's video from the Box off.... you are missing out.

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