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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Team we have a lot of stuff coming up.... so its time we lay it all out!!!!


Its this Saturday.  If you signed up, please please, bring in either cash or check for 20 dollars.  Make sure a trainer checks you off the list of "shady people who sign up, take a spot but then dont come, or come but dont pay".  Come ready to hydrate, eat and have fun.  Its gonna be awesome.

 If you want to caravan... be at the North gym at 9.

NINE!!!! we may leave at 9.02.  If thats the case and you show up at 9.04, your outta luck.

If you dont wanna caravan, be at Elk River Floats  (over the bridge and to the right) by 10!!!

Elk River Floats / Wayside Campground

PO Box 546 * Noel, Missouri 64854

417-475-3230 * 417-475-3561

Jct. Hwys 59 and 90

Miles for Miller 5k

This is June 30th.  We will be doing this for 540's wod that day.  Since this is a charity, you will need to click on the above link, and sign up.  Cost is 20 dollars, but goes to a good cause.  This race will be at the Arvest Ballpark.  More details to come.

Lets go and represent our little group with pride and great finishes.

Froning vs the 540

Having a bit of trouble currently with the sign up wizard online.... more info to come.

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