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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Open is coming


Next week starting on Wens, the 2013 CF Games will begin with the Open.

The Open consists of 1 workout released every week for 5 weeks that you have from Wens night to Sun night to perform.  Although 540's goal is to qualify a team to go to regionals, we all must compete at this level as individuals.

The neat thing is that even though we can only send 6 athletes on our team, anyone can contribute to each weeks workout, as our TEAMS score is the best 6 performances of that week.  (3 guys and 3 gals)  Last year we had multiple workouts where athletes contributed to our weeks score when they thought they had no chance to do so when signing up.  They were signing up just for fun, and ended up helping us get to Regionals!!!

I really encourage everyone to participate.  This is what separates a cf gym from any other.  Events like this.  We have great athletes in our family and it would be doing yourself a disservice to not push yourself and see what you could do for the team.  You just found out this weekend that competition is fun.  This is just more of that.

So set your doubts aside... and sign up for the Open.  You will be fine.  You wont be letting anyone down.  Its all about fun.  It always is.  But sometimes we have the most fun when we are pushed out of our little comfort zone.

So head to , and click on the games tap in the top left.  Sign on up and look for the Crossfit 540 team.  Hope to see AT LEAST everyone on there that competed this weekend, and hopefully more!!

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