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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Open


The Open is over.... finally!:)

It was a long 5 weeks.  Most everyone who did it is exhausted.  Physically and mentally.  The Open is hard.  And it WAS hard.  But at the same time.... I think everyone who showed up and gave the best effort is truly proud of what they were able to accomplish.  People did things that they did not think possible.  Whether it was a 'first', (Muscle up, C2B pullup, T2B, heavy snatch), or even just doing better than they thought they ever could, I saw multiple people achieve things that made them happier as people.  Because the bettered themselves.  They saw a barrier, and overcame it.  And it was awesome to watch.

And that's why i wanted to write this short letter to you all.  To say thank you for the constant inspiration and reminder of why we are here everyday.  We do this because we enjoy it.  But also to prove to ourselves that no matter how unattainable something may be...we can achieve it.

Sure, all the attention goes to the best performances- and those are pretty amazing.  But the real victories, the really amazing moments, are the people who are pretty sure they cant.... only to summon up the will and the courage to prove themselves wrong.

Its humbling to watch athletes come in multiple times to do the Open wod....knowing that they don't have a chance at making the Regional team....but they come in anyway, just to get one more rep or two.  Because they think they've got a bit more in the tank.  THAT is awesome.  And it inspires me to be more like those people.  Not the Rich Fronings, and Iceland Annies.... but the people that do it for themselves.

So bravo.... to all of you who participated in the open, and gave everything you had time and time again.....BRAVO.

I and all the trainers at 540 are proud of you.

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