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Thursday, November 27, 2014



CrossFit 540: 8,9,10
CrossFit 540 South: 10,11

We are going to have our traditional post holiday cleanse with the Filthy 50 tomorrow!  But we are also going to have a special Clean session at 9 at North and 11 at South.

Feel free to do BOTH!!!!!!

The Filthy 50

50 BJ
Jumping Pullups
KB Swings 35/25
Push Press 55/45
Back Ext

The 'Clean' Session  - 9 at North, 11 at South
Be warmed up and ready to go by 10 min after start of session

Clean Ladder #1 - Speed

As quickly as possible, 2 min Cap
Guys clean
If a weight cant be attained score time of last successful weight
Ladies clean

Ladder #2 - Points
Each athlete has 30 seconds to perform as many reps as they choose at each of the above listed weights.      When the 30 seconds expires you will move on to the next heavier weight.  Each weight will have a point value assigned to it.  You must move on to the next weight when the 30 seconds expires.  Score total points when done.
1pt, 5pts,10,15,20,30,50,75

Confused?  no worries   Just show up. :)  Feel free to come to watch as well!

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