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Thursday, January 27, 2011


1) Apparel for sale! Team we have a good selection of Hoodies and our new T Shirts for sale. The quality of the items is top notch. You can find the same brands at Masons or Dillards. Hoodies are $40, and Shirts are $25 2) On Feb 26th we will have an in house compition! There will be a individual event and a team event. The team event will consist of teams of three. It will start at 9 am saturday morning with the first event for the individuals, and then the team event will begin at 10.30. There will then be a round two for the individual competitors at 12. (that will give you a bit of a break to rest up inbetween wods) This is NOT open to trainers. All members are encouraged to participate. Regardless of fitness level. There will be a scaled version for the two individual wods. Please come and have fun guys! We will have some food and drink there for you to enjoy during the morning, but feel free to byob, or anything else youd like to, and come support your fellow crossfitters!!!!! There will be a signup sheet posted soon.

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