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Monday, January 17, 2011

Repost of 'The case for the Whiteboard'

Guys, I wanted to take a moment to remind and inform everyone why the whiteboard is so important. (and just smile at any spelling or grammer errors.. I am a meathead after all.) Some of you love the whiteboard. You love it. It drives you. You almost salivate at the idea of your workout time going up there faster than someone elses, or even.....EVERYONE ELSES! It makes you push harder, and it gives your workout a purpose. Gives you a goal. For some of you it makes you feel like your in high school again, playing sports.But others... and I know you guys are out there.... dont give a flying flip about that big white piece of cardboard. There could be a number of reasons why... Maybe you look at it as something only for the neanderthals to beat thier chest over, grunt and point. (fair argument by the way...arh! arh!!!) Or maybe its just something for the elite. Something for the people who are really pretty good at the wods. "They can use it as a measuring stick because they are so far beyond me...I just try and finish!!" Maybe you see it as for competitive people only. "Im not competitive, never have been. Never will be. Ill push myself where I know I can go. Besides im not racing! Im just getting healthy! Something like the above or maybe something different keeps you from liking/using the whiteboard. And all of those are good reasons! But... Unfortunatly those reasons are keeping you from reaching your true potential in CrossFit, and by association, you best results. Which im betting... matters to you a lot.The movements that we do at 540, are fairly unique. And they are special to our program and CrossFit in general. But they can be done elsewhere. And they are done elsewhere. The programing that we do at 540 is very unique.. you wont find that anywhere else. But still, its on this blog, you could do it anywhere. For free. Hopefully you feel as though the training is special at 540. And if not...PLEASE FILL OUT A COMMENT CARD!!!!! but like the rest, you can probably find a good trainor who can care for you at most gyms...given you have the bankroll to support it!;)So what is the secret ingredient that enables CF540 to provide such incredible results for so many of our atheletes? The INTENSITY. We go hard. We go very hard. We go to the point of exaustion. This used to be a phrase that many of our members used before CrossFit, but didnt really understand. Now they do. Many people look in from the outside and question our sanity. And who knows... maybe they should. All I know, is that we daily see people change thier lives due to the incredible power of the CrossFit system. And not just change thier lives by getting a tighter butt, or discovering a buried six pack. They change thier lives because they daily push everything that they have, and still find a way to push more. They look at the impossible on this blog... and show up at the gym to make it possible. Our atheltes discover an inner crazy inside them that is hungry. And it feels good to feed it. Our people discover just how much they can accomplish when by pure force of will they move from the purple band... all the way to losing the blue band all together. It is an incredible feeling to say the least. But why does CrossFit provide this feeling and incredible empowerment when other gyms can only offer more TV's? The intensity. And the greatest tool that we have at 540 to provide that intensity is the Whiteboard. If you rarely use the whiteboard or dont care about it at all, you are missing the most direct route to obtaining the results you want. Because buried in all of the dry erase markers is all the motivation and accountibility you need to change your life. You dont have to be a 'crazy' to use it. You dont have to be the 'best'. You just need to be interested in getting better. By putting you name and time on the board, you are declaring your fitness level for that particular workout. It may be great. It may be ok. It may be dismal. It does not matter! All that matters is that you want to make it better. You may be saying "I can want to be better, but I dont need to put my time up there. Its embarressing." Good. Thats good! If you are embarressed, you will work harder at making sure you dont stay embarresed. Suddenly, that intensity goes up in your workouts. And intensity is shortcut to results. (take that to the bank)Once your putting your name and time on the board the next step is to WANT to be better. Better for yourself... but mainly better than that one person that consistently barely beats you. You dont have to broadcast that you want kick that persons butt in a wod, but make it a goal. WANT to beat that person. Strive for it. Struggle for it. Push for it. If you can make that switch in your mind.... If you can stop being 'ok' with just status quo, the results will follow. Do you know that my brother used to not only record all of his workouts, but all of mine as well? Yeah it was pretty funny. Till he started beating me. That wasnt funny to me at all. Do that with someone at 540. Maybe not TELL them about it, but discover the drive to become better. Team, I only write all of this to hope and help you all reach your incredible potential. At the Masters divsion of the CrossFit 2010 games, there were people OVER 50 deadlifting 490 lbs. And doing Fran in less than 4 minutes!!!! OVER 50!!!! Dont accept defeat. Dont except the excuses. We all have them. And they can be very convincing. Push past it. Use the Whiteboard. Put your name up. Put your time up. And make sure its a better time than the next guy. Change your life

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