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Tuesday, November 22, 2011



CrossFit 540:5.15,6.15,7.15,8.15,11.30,4.30,5.30,6.30
540 South:5.15,6.15,11.30,4.30,5.30,6.30

Team, After someone pointed it out, I realized the 12 oclock times on Friday are probably not going to be very popular because the big game is at

Friday:  North-9,10,11

Sorry for the change of plans!!!

"Staying in shape with CrossFit gives me the confidence to get behind the wheel of a 3000 horsepower Promod race car. Also with no additional training this forty year old CrossFitter ran an eighteen minute cross country 5K this last weekend."
- Joad Donnelly

'Vacation Prep' (Calorie Earner)
For ten minutes on the minute
Wall Balls  A)17 B)15 C)12
*for every wall ball not completed in the minute time frame, 1 burpee will be done after the 10 minutes is up
 then, Once the 10 min of WB is done, (and needed burpees are completed)
20 Shoulder to OH @ A)BW B)80% C)55%
then rest 3 minutes
Run 2 Miles

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