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Friday, November 25, 2011



CrossFit 540:7,8,9,11
540 South: 8,12

Open Gym from 10-11 at North

2 man teams
7 Min AMRP
While one person holds a squat, the other person
performs 5 Thrusters
bear crawls 24 feet (4 mats long ways, 6 mats short ways)
5 Pullups
Bear Crawls back
-switch places
***rest only when BOTH members are not moving

rest 2 minutes

7 min amrp
one person holds a plank
Other person performs 5 SDHP
lunge 24 feet (4 mats long ways, 6 mats short ways)
5  Burpee Pullups
lunge back
-switch places

score total rounds

***dropped weight of any kind is immediate 5 burpee penalty

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