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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tshirts and Float Trips

Hey team, New T shirts are up and out!!! at both locations!

ALL SHIRTS ARE $20 if you have grabbed a tee, with the intention of paying back later, please bring in 20 dollars. We have a large dwindling number of teeshirts taken, but a growing number of tees not paid for.

We want to keep the laid back honor system alive and well at 540, but cant do it without everyones help!

Thanks guys!

Float Trip sign ups are at BOTH gyms.  Please sign up by Friday.  If we have over 70 going I want to be able to get more rafts reserved.   If we run out of time we will have a cuttoff.....which means that you REALLY want to sign up quickly!

June 23rd.  It will be a blast.  Sign up pronto!

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