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Monday, October 29, 2012



Rest Day

Foundations at 5.30 pm North -going over DU, Pullups, etc.

Due to ALL trainers leaving for the comp, only one session at South will be offered FRI NIGHT at 5pm.  Regular sessions at North.

Saturday is a rest day, and BOTH gyms will be closed on Sun.  NO SESSIONS ON THE WEEKEND


Heat Assignments have been posted, check out the tiny print below.   Lets plan on being at CrossFit Springfield no later than 5 pm.

Team, we have a LARGE group going.  We will use our Facebook page as a way to try and communicate with the group.  But please.... be in contact with your team, and your little caravan that you are traveling with.  Although we dont want anyone to get left behind or left out of anything,  it would be almost impossible to communicate with everyone directly.

So look out for each other.... check in on each other.....take care of each other.  We are a family first and foremost.  And this weekend needs to be FUN above all things.  We come to the gym everyday because it adds something positive to our lives.  Lets not let the weekend change that at all, or who we are.  Because at the end of the day.... its just a workout, right? :)

Most likely on Sat night we will hit up BWW for dinner.  May as well make it a tradition huh?  Know that its completely all right if any team wants to do their own thing....50+ people is a lot to squeeze into a booth at a restaurant.   But if you do break away please make a point to include everyone on your team/group... its sooooo easy to forget to text someone when making plans.

This is going to be a great weekend crew!  Lets go do our best, be rockstars, and represent our family like we do every day anyway!

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