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Wednesday, May 18, 2016



CrossFit 540:5.15,6.15,8.15,11.30,4.30,5.30,6.30
Crossfit 540 south: 5.15,6.15,11.30,4.30,5.30,6.30

Five Forty Friend Finding Fitness Fest is about to begin!

Working out by yourself is no fun for you, and gyms are notorious for low attendance in the summer. So what better way to solve BOTH problems, than to partake in our little summer event.

Have a friend join you at the gym.... they will love it (duh) and if they sign up, then your June dues are waived!  If your friend remains a member going in to July, then half that months dues are waived also!  WIN WIN!  More friends in the gym, more money in your pocket!

So, get a friend in the gym, if they join for June, then your dues are waived that month.  Free 540.  If they stay at the gym for another month (July), then half of July's dues are waived too!

Warm Up
Hi Knee Runs
Hi Knee Walks
Side Lunge Walks
Halting Deads
Halting Dead to shrug
P Cleans

400M Run
7 Power Cleans
21 Squats
A)135/85, B)115/75, C)95/55

AAB extra, (after recovering)

40 KB Snatches for time 55/35
followed right way with,
2 min of OH Burpees

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