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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Open


The Open in upon us.  Its here.  If you still have not signed up yet for it, you still can

I hope you do.  Its not about winning, or beating someone, or being the best, or being awesome.  Its about you pushing yourself and doing something to your limit.  It IS fun to see how you stack up against all the different people in the world..... but its really all about you getting out of your comfort zone and seeing what you can get your body to do.  It happens every year, people are shocked that they were able to do something that they were convinced that they could not.  And many times, people find themselves doing the same workout 2 or even 3 times.  Whether they are fire breathers or not, they do it multiple times because its something to take pride in.  And it really is cool to see just what you can do.  So sign up.  Try it.  Im going to program the open wods in the gym anyway:)  So you may as well do it all official like.

And as always at 540, we want to just have fun.  Thats the main thing.  So come in and have fun by pushing your limits.

-At North, 6.30 pm session is cancelled.  The workout is announced at 7.  Any Open'ers are free to do the wod on announcement night:)

-At South, 5.30 and 6.30 is cancelled.  Open Wod is to be done at 5.30ish....:)

-North and South
1 o'clock is cancelled at South, Open will be done at 1
2 o'clock is cancelled at North, Open will be done at 2

If you absolutely cannot make one of the times listed, then see a trainer at one of the regular sessions and hopefully they can judge you after session.  Remember, the trainer MAY NOT BE ABLE TO STICK AROUND, and their first priority is to the class going on.

 As of right now we are going to try and shoot for two teams at North and 1 team at South.
Northies.... you will need to join the CrossFit 540 affiliate and then the CrossFit 540 team....none of the other teams listed are correct.  As for the other team for North, I will let you know personally what the plan is.

Southies, we have had a slight hiccup with HQ, but this should be taken care of today.  You will need to join the affiliate Crossfit 540 South, and then join the team listed there.   Again, this should be taken care of tomorrow.

If you are a Southie, you cannot be on the North team unless you spend over 50% of your training time at North.  Not once a week, or twice, but over 50%.  If you forget that you joined the North team on accident, we may give you the boot.... as we don't want to break any rules.

If you have any more questions regarding the Open, teams, or times, please feel free to hit up or any of the trainers up.

Here we go!!!

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