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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Contract explained


Recently we hung a sign up sheet dubbed 'the contract'.  There has been a little confusion over this and what it means.

CrossFit is about a lot of things.  Improving overall general fitness and the name of bodily preparedness is probably the main goal.  One of the ways that CrossFit helps people reach that goal is the whiteboard....or....competition.  Greg Glassman (creator of CF) discovered that where a person will push hard to improve overall fitness, they will KILL themselves for points.  So one of crossfits cornerstones is quantifiable results.  Always being able to judge your fitness goals, to either others, or more importantly, yourself.  Having smaller goals outside of the scale and how you think you look in the mirror has changed millions of lives and altered the way many view fitness as a whole.


This little facet of the CrossFit philosophy ultimately led to the CrossFit Games.  To find out who really does have the best 'fran' the best 5k, the highest deadlift, or the best average of all three.  Similar to who has the fastest car, who has the best fantasy football team, or is chocolate better than ranch dressing(think on THAT one for a bit).  We as a society love to know 'WHOS THE BEST!!??!?!?!'

Sure enough the success of the CF Games led to smaller competitions for the 'mortals' to compete in as well.  Which is where the contract comes in.

You do not have to be good at the sport of CrossFit to be 'fit'.  For example, CF has embraced the Olympic move the snatch as a mainstay in their competitions.  The snatch is a learned skill move similar to being able to shoot a three pointer.  Just because you cant drain them from downtown doesn't mean your are not in crazy good shape.

So please understand, AAB is designed solely for the person wanting to improve at the sport of CrossFit.  Not necessarily for the person who wants to be fitter.  The general wod more often than not, is a better overall fitness workout than the AAB.

The contract and the sign up sheet next to it, is meant only to motivate and hold accountable current and aspiring athletes to rise to the next level of crossfit competition.
Please, do not feel as though you are a bad CrossFitter if you are not as interested in AAB.  That's fine!!! Snatches, OH Squats, Muscle ups, and walking on your hands are learned skill movements that take practice and determination.  Not being able to do those things says NOTHING about your general fitness level... Anymore than being able to drive a golf ball down the fairway or shoot a bulls eye with a bow and arrow.

All these things being said... Do what makes you happy.  Always.  We want CrossFit 540 to be something you always look forward to.  To be challenged, rewarded, and associate with wonderful like minded people.

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