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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HOA Tryouts

Ok Team,

We will be having tryouts on the weekend of Aug 24th

Although a few things are up in the air....

Here are three wods that we will have for sure in the tryouts

The 540
This workout will be double weighted in the scoring system.
13 min cuttoff

The Skill Ladder
2 min MU/ C2B PU
rest 2
2 min Pistols/ Lunges
2 min HSPU / Feet on plate Pushups
2 min DU- no other option
2 min Bar MU / pullups
2 min Rope Climbs/ no other option

Each event will be scored individually at a reduced rate and then the total skill ladder will be scored as well.  If you are unable to perform any of the movements or options, then you may take a 0 for that movement and move on to the next.

Oly Complex
2 rep touch and go Clean- on second clean- jerk

1 Snatch- without dropping- 1 hanging snatch

add totals together

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