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Sunday, March 13, 2011

CF Open

Guys, We recently had the In house 540 compitition. Many were very intimidated, and did not compete. Which was a shame because everyone who did said they had a BLAST. (even though there was some mild soreness afterwards) Starting on Tuesday, CrossFit will begin the early stages of the CF Games. Every Tuesday for the next 5 weeks, they will post a tryout wod, that people all over the world will do. Our gym is certified to host these tryout wods. All you have to do is sign up at the main site, Team, if you rx even 80% of the wods, I really encourage you to sign up. The cost is $10. Not to me.. but to CF HQ. We will have at least two special sessions a week for these workouts. Even if not a one of us makes it to the next level, it will be fun and unifying trying out anyway. So sign up. enjoy it with the rest of us... or come cheer your fellow 540'rs on! Really hope to see a lot of you give it a shot. Really, its just 10 bucks, and what do you have to lose? a good time?

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