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Tuesday, January 17, 2012



Rest Day!!!!

MOD (mentality of the day)

Guys you worked hard this cycle.  Maybe you tore your hands.  Maybe you Pr'd.  Maybe you were horrible.  But hopefully you showed up and gave something near a solid effort.

When you get a free thinking moment, try and think of what you did that you did well.  That you were proud of.  An entire wod? a round? a good rep? pushing through when someone else didnt?  Bypassing the pizza for veggies?
Concentrate on what you did well and the feelings that came with it.  Not joking.  This isnt zen.  It isnt new age.  Its practical.  What we do daily, is amazing.  But it is also a beat down.  And not just physically.  Show me a CF'er who is committed who hasnt gotten depressed, beat down, or had feelings of inadequacy.  Surmounting seemingly insurmountable odds day after day can be demanding.  We need to build our selves a mental resilience that allows us to continue to strive when others cannot.

So think of that good feeling.  Of what you accomplished over that cycle.  Think of how you were a rockstar for a moment.  Then try and point out one.....just one, time that you kept yourself from being a rockstar.  Quit early?  gave 80%? were short with fellow cf'ers?  not helpful to others?  had an excuse on standby?  dont think of them all.... just one.  and then think on why that moment happend, and hopefully we can minimize and avoid the negative experiences.

Once the mind is strong, the body will follow.

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