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Saturday, January 21, 2012



Rest Day!!!!

Mobility Clinic from 12-2 at North.  Really a good idea to make it team.  esp if your serious about CF

Shoulder special sessions from 2-3

MOD Mentality of the day

Again time to reflect on what brought you down and what brought you up this past cycle.  Exp, Im really proud of my effort in the team wod.  However, Elizebeth didnt see my best.  At the time of 321 go! I had the mentality of 'im just not feeling it'  or 'ugh...dont want to be here'  These are common feelings team.  Everybody has them.  But at the end of the day I still walk away with feelings of regret, disappointment and inadequacy.  All because I let that little "i cant..." voice win the day.  My mission is to isolate days and feelings like that and try and think my way around the obstacle.  

You dont need a good time to feel like a rockstar.  But you do need a good effort.  Take that to the bank.

When the mind is strong, the body will follow.

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