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Friday, January 20, 2012



CrossFit 540: 7,8,9,11
540 South: 12,1

Open Gym from 10-11

Free Mobility Clinic on Sunday from 12-2.  Shoulder specific from 2-3

MOD (mentality of the day)
Use this team wod as a chance to take you out of your comfort zone.  Be excited about this extra tool at your disposal to up your intensity and your output.  Set aside unproductive feelings like fear of letting down you partner, and focus instead on not only how you can help your partner, but how you can use this wod to accomplish a level of intensity that would be hard to have on your own.  We have good people at our box.  Very.  No one is going to look down on you for slowing down, or 'not keeping up'.  We all love to see success in each other.  So do your partner the favor of succeeding in a way that you may not have in the past and allow them to witness it.

When the mind is strong, the body will follow.

Team WOD
Teams of 2
One person works

Increasing reps by 5, starting at 5 to 30
Burpee Pullups
Jumping Squats
Double Rep Double Unders(triple rep singles)
A 225-155
B 185/135
C 135/95

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