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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Upcoming Events


We have some events coming up that we need to clear our schedules and begin planning for!!

Holiday Hours
Wens- regular hours
Thurs- closed
Fri- North 8,9,10
       South 12,1
Sat and Sun: Normal

The Heart to America Challenge in Springfield MO on Nov 8,9,10


WOD War 1 on Oct 5th

HOA is a AWESOME team CF comp that we have participated in the last few years.  It is extremely well ran and a GREAT time.  They have a RX'd and Scaled division... and this year a Masters (40 and up), and a Teen division as well.  I highly encourage anyone and everyone who loves CF to train and try and participate in this killer weekend.  Its great.   I think that EVERYONE who has participated in it the last few years has loved the experience.

Here is the thing... there are only so many teams allowed to sign up.  Last year it was 90+.  It sold out in minutes.  We wernt able to take all the teams we wanted to because they filled up so quickly.  We will try and take as many teams possible (amtp:) this year, but will still have tryouts like last.  I will do my best to keep it a shorter affair than last year.  We will also pre release the wods so you know whats coming.

Sign up is on 9-2 for HOA.

TRYOUT WILL BE THE WEEKEND OF 8-24 TO 8-25!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you cannot make this weekend... then the ONLY other make up time is the weekend of
8-9 to 8-10.
Thats right, you will be doing the tryouts BEFORE everyone else.  If these times wont work for you....come see me.  But we want to keep it to these weekends only.

Just like our House Box Off, there will be no scaled or RX'd divisions.... Athletes will choose their weights and movements before wods begin and scored accordingly.

Wods will be released soon.

WOD War 1!!

540 along with YTFS and Junk Headbands will be hosting our first Team event.
YTFS is bringing in Camille LeBlanc Bazinet and Andrea Ager to come hang out with us as well.

This will be a 4 person team event with three major wods performed in 1 day, Oct 5.  Wods will be pre released as well, and we will stick to the same format as we did the House Box Off (no scaled- no rx'd) Teams will pick their weight- movements before event begins and be scored accordingly.

We are doing our best to make this an awesome event for our little gym.  We are currently planning on a 56 team cap.  More details to come.

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