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Monday, July 28, 2014



Crossfit 540:5:15,6:15,8:15,11:30,4:30,5:30,6:30
Crossfit 540 south: 5:15,6:15,11:30,4:30,5:30,6:30

10 sets of complex at 80% max
P clean
Squats clean

20 g2oh 95/65
3 rope climbs
15 g2oh 115/75
3 rc
10 g2oh 135/95
3 rc
As many g2oh possible w time left at 155/105
A) as written
B)stop weight at 135/95
C) stop at 115/75
Aab) snatch

Alt for complex
200 m lunges for time.

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