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Friday, August 26, 2011


CrossFit 540 North:7,8,11
Open Gym:9,10
540 South:10

2 person teams
10 Min AMRP
Frog Jumps
For every 3 Jumps, partner must do 1 burpee  (bunny hop your butt off...hahahahaha:)
After a length of jumps... switch
*score total lengths, for partial rounds score jumps with associated burpees (exp, 9 jumps, if 3 burpees were also done)

rest 3 min
10 Min AMRP
10 Power Snatch 65/45
10 Pushups
*1 person works, other watches enviously

rest 3 min
10 Min AMRP
20 T2B
20 ft of hs walks(every time partner drops, partner does 1 burpee
option 30 Upsy Daisys both members

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