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Sunday, March 20, 2016



CrossFit 540: 5.15,6.15,8.15,11.30,4.30,5.30,6.30
CrossFit 540 South: 5.15,6.15,11.30,4.30,5.30,6.30

The new cause that our 540 Family is taking on is a bit near and dear to our hearts, as we are going to try and help out one of our own.  Many of you from North and South have met Dunia at one of the gyms.  She is the TINY but HARDWORKING college student from Honduras that has been coming to the gym for over 2 years now.  Dunia is currently here in the states getting a degree but has come on hard times and is struggling with tuition.  If she cannot maintain enrollment at the U of A to get her degree she will have to go back home.....:( when she is so close to attaining her goal!  If you have anything that you could give to help out Dunia then please drop it off in the boxes at gym!  We have envelopes for cash donations and checks should be made out to Christian Life Cathedral, just put Dunia's name in the memo section.  If you would like to learn more about the great organization that helped bring her here, check out

Front Squats

4 min AMRP
30 Thrusters
30 Box Jumps
KB Swings
A)95/65, B)75/55, C)65/35

rest 2

4 min AMRP
20 Thrusters
20 Box Jumps
KB Swings
A)115/75, B)95/65, C)75/55
rest 2

4 min AMRP
15 Thrusters
15 Box Jumps
KB Swings
A)135/95, B)115/75, C)95/65

Front Squats

**Even if you do 16.4 today, you are encouraged to do this workout as well.  We will have thrusters this week and they will not be programmed on Wens or Thurs.... this is your last chance to get some practice/training in.

10 min AMRP
30 Thrusters 95/65
20 @ 135/95
10@ 185/125

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