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Wednesday, August 29, 2012



CrossFit 540: 5.15,6.15,7.15,8.15,11.30,4.30,5.30,6.30
CrossFit 540 South: 5.15,6.15,11.30,4.30,5.30,6.30

Foundations/ Beginning session at 5.30pm North

Team, today is the last day to do any make up wods for the HOA tryouts.
We will try and have the results posted tomorrow.

 Also, if you competed this weekend, I am assuming that you are wanting to compete at the HOA event in Springfield MO over a three day period on the first weekend in Nov.  If not, you need to get with myself or a trainer pronto and tell us otherwise.  We have to sign up (PAY) for all teams this weekend.

I will do my best to make sure EVERYONE who competed is on a team.  All I ask is that if you are on a team, you do YOUR best to bring in a check for 45 dollars.
Thx crew!


Front Squats
4-4-4-4  70-85%max

40 lunges
4 Deads
30 situps
3 Deads
20 pushups
2 Deads
Rest 1 min
40 lunges w Med ball over head
4 deads
30 situps w med ball
3 deads
20 Med ball taps
2 deads

Ev MoM for 30 min
5 Strict HSPU
5 Kipping HSPU
* all kipping if needed, only 5 reps if needed as well
next min
10 Pistols, add kb if needed
next min
4 Hanging muscle snatches
4 Hanging full Snatches 65/35... more if needed

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