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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Team here is a list of Wods for our tryouts

All workouts will be scored equally.  First place finish scores 0pts, 2nd place-1pt and so forth.  Athlete must perform all wods either Scaled or RX'd.  Athlete does not have to be able to complete ALL moves in every workout in order to qualify.

Absent Athletes must perform Sat and Sun Wods in the same manner as all weekend athletes.  A break in between days will not be allowed.


The 540  - to be done at any session, as long as counted and scored
Scaled: Jumping Pullups, 65/45 Thrusters, 95/65 Cleans, 25/15 Lunges

Fri Night


Oly Total
12 minutes to find both your Snatch and your G2OH
Score total Weight


Run 1200M
Run 400 M with Sandbag 50/25
Scale 800/400

Sat 10-2ish


5 min AMRP
15 WallBalls
2 MU (MU must be begun with locked elbows while hanging-***rx option of 8 C2B Pullups AND 8 Ring Pushups per 2 MU.  Pullups and Pushups may be done in any order but 8 of both must be completed before moving back to WB

Scaled: WB into the red, and 15 Jumping Pullups and 10 Knee Pushups


7 min to find 3 rep Deadlift max.  Athlete must maintain contact with bar and show control moving down.  Athlete may not pause at bottom for more than 1 second.


6 min AMRP
Ever increasing in sets of 5,  (5,10,15,20.....) perform as many reps possible of both KB Swings and GHD Sit ups  70/55.  In between each set, 20 DU must be performed.

Scaled: KB weight 55/35, regular sit ups, and Singles

SUN 2pm - on


5 min AMRP
5 min of Thrusters 155/105
Scaled 105-70


Row 400 M
20 T2B
Row 300 M
10 T2B
Scale: T2R, Burpees


6 min AMRP
2 Rope Climbs
7 OH Squats 135/95
Scaled: Rope from Lying to Standing and 95/65 OH Squats or Double rep Front Squats

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