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Friday, January 15, 2016



CrossFit 540: 7,8,9,10
CrossFit 540 South: 8,12,11

We have a fun day planned team!  Sunday is Bud Baldwins B Day!  So we are going to celebrate - kinda- on Sat morning.  If you don't recognize the name, Bud is the guy who takes pictures all the time for all of us on Saturdays and on group events down at South.  People always love to talk about how Bud ONLY takes awkward unflattering pics of them,  but we all know that we love it when we see him with the camera, and eagerly wait to see when he uploads them to the FB site.  Its just one of the things that makes 540 what it is.

This morning we are going to appreciate Bud w two main things, beer and pics!

Team Wod
Thrusters A)115/75, B)95/65, C)75/35
Box Overs

*At some point in the wod team mates must take AWKWARD pictures of each other (or have someone take an awkward pic of both of you) and upload them to the 540 FB page.  The pic with the most likes well win a 50 dollar YTFS Gift Card.  Boom.  For realz

** As well as the pics, to RX the workout, you will need to drink a beer at some point and time during the wod.  Buds awesome daughter Alex has provided the nectar for North... (We will provide for South.... byob if you are picky)   You can pace the drink out as needed  but there will be ... penalties... for repeated trips to the watering hole.

Before a single rep has been done.... no penalty
First 5 mins of the wod, 3 Burpees per drink
5-10 mins of wod 6 Burpees per drink
10-15.... 10 Burpees per drink
15+....20 Burpees per drink
Burps can be shared between teammates, but EACH person must burp for beer
***option of 24 oz of water, can be subbed for beer.

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