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Saturday, February 27, 2016



CrossFit 540: 7,8,12,1
CrossFit 540 South: 12.30,1.30

Open Day!!!!!

So for some of us, it's just another wod.... but for some, its the first wod of the open!!!!  And the first opportunity for you to help your team out!

Some things to think about if you are really wanting to get an aggressive score tomorrow.


Tonight, and tomorrow morning.  But not right before the workout, and not really during the workout.  It takes around 20 min before water ingested can really be used by your body anyway, so arrive at the gym peeing clear;)


Tonight and tomorrow morning.  Try to shoot for quality carbs, especially Sunday morning.  (Oatmeal, whole grains, etc...)  if you are a burner, maybe a few gummy bears right before, but still.... at least 30 mins before, and not to many!!  Also, try not to over do your carbs with a massive meal or with too much fat, again, especially Sunday morning.

The Suck

This wod sucks:(  sorry.  its true.  Its long and hard;) twss  Try not to look at the clock or think about the score you want.  Especially not in the first 10 mins.  Keep your head down and try and just keep moving ahead.  Slow going is better than no going!  Secondly, reign in those horses heading out of the gate!  Its 20 mins long.  Pace it out and burn it out in the end.... if you can.

Great luck to everyone!!!!!  REMEMBER   it's just a workout.  We do this to enhance our lives.  Not ruin it.  Just do you best and let the chips fall where they may!

20 min AMRP
25 ft of walking lunges
8 BF Burpees
25 ft of walking Lunges
8 C2B/ Pullups/ Jumping Pullups

*if scaling the wod, please use the scaled wod scoresheet.  Sum up the points per reps for the In House Comp, and the reps for the Open

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