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Tuesday, March 19, 2013



Rest Day

Addition to the Open/Regional selection process.

Team, after extensive talks with the trainers, we have decided to plan on adding an extra round to our regional selection process.

In the past, we have strictly gone with the Open wods for deciding our Regional Team.  As the Regional workouts are VERY different than the Open WODS, and the Regional workouts are released well before our team goes to Regionals, we felt as though an extra selection process would benefit the team greatly.  The top 4-5 guys and 4-5 gals from the Open will perform an extra wod/wods that will be created to replicate the pre released regional wods as closely as possible.

With this method, a greater number of athletes will be able to stay in the hunt for a spot, and we will have a team that is geared for the 540 team to have the best possible chance at Regionals.

If the Regional WODS are released before we have to confirm our team for Regionals,  then we will try and make the competition using 10 (5 and 5)athletes.  If we do not have the advanced notice we will use the top 8 (4-4) athletes to decide.

We hope this gets everyone even more excited about the Open and the remaining three workouts!

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